Why is this partnership important?

  • Taiwan is the linchpin of democracy in East Asia and the global center for semiconductor manufacturing.
  • The Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue understands the importance of bolstering Taiwan’s prosperity and international standing, while providing access to U.S. and international talent, private sector network, and investment.

How will the creation of the Taiwan Center for Innovation and Prosperity help both partners?

  • This partnership will advance innovation, tech diplomacy and the accelerated adoption of trusted technologies, while providing technological and diplomatic support. KITDP will strengthen Taiwan’s technological and diplomatic capabilities by:
    • Providing access to best-in-class STEM talent, especially in advanced manufacturing, AI and electric vehicles;
    • Providing unique tech diplomacy expertise that incorporates Silicon Valley strategies and foreign policy tools;
    • Building a network of networks for industry and government collaboration;
    • Facilitating the path to commercialization from research to application and business creation; and
    • Strengthening research and development in secure microelectronics, hypersonics and other emerging technologies.

How will the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue accomplish this partnership?

  1. Build Tech Talent Capacity: Leverage KITDP’s tech diplomacy training, Purdue University’s exchange partnerships, and the Global Mentor Network to boost Taiwan’s talent pipeline.
  2. Leverage Tech Diplomacy Expertise: Build Taiwan’s international standing through the Global Tech Security Strategy and the Trusted Tech Microfinance Initiative.
  3. Boost R&D in Strategic Tech Sectors: Connect Taiwan with over a dozen state-of-the-art research centers and over 400 research laboratories to generate developmental economies of scale in critical tech.
  4. Accelerate Innovation and Investment: Utilize the Purdue Innovates network for rapid commercialization and leverage the Krach Institute’s global networks that bridge Silicon Valley with Washington, D.C., and global capitals in order to synchronize tech and economic prosperity priorities.
  5. Global Tech Trust Network: Introduce Taiwan to a global network of government, business and academic leaders all committed to advancing the innovation and development of emerging technologies.

Joint Memos of Understanding (MOUs)

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