Why Now?

AI is rapidly advancing from theory to practice, with game-changing implications for the economy, national security, and global quality of life.

  • The development and deployment of AI technologies promises to reshape great-power competition, trends in global workforces, the practice of warfare, and scientific progress.
  • Authoritarian regimes such as China and Russia use AI to repress freedoms of their own citizens and export those technologies to other authoritarian nations.
  • Governance structures and processes must be put in place to ensure accountability, transparency, and rule of law, maximizing AI’s positive benefits for society and minimizing its risks.
AI is the ultimate human ally, it will allow us to move from an Information Age, to an Insight Age, from being reactive to proactive, it will fuel our ability to action our curiosity, and it will be a mirror that requires us to confront the best and worst of our own humanity.

Alexis Bonnell

Senior Industry Fellow