Introduction to Semiconductors with Purdue

Join Purdue faculty and leading industry insiders on this comprehensive introduction to the semiconductor industry. From design and fabrication to the various use cases of semiconductors, these experts present a holistic view of the industry and where it is headed, a perfect introduction for a lay audience looking to know more about this important technology.

Intro to semiconductors

Introduction to Semiconductors

Professor Hussain and SkyWater Technology

semiconductors microelectronics
Mike Bourland Mobile applications

Semiconductor Applications in Mobile Devices

Mike Bourland, Silicon technology development lead at Google

Semiconductors mobile devices
Curt Ralston logic microprocessor

Logic Microprocessor – Heart of Digital World

Curt Ralston, Senior Director of engineering at Intel

semiconductors logic microprocessor
Jin Lim Memory Technology

Memory Technology – Storing All Our Data

Jin Lim, Corporate Vice president at SK hynix

semiconductors memory technology
Khurram Muhammad Semiconductor design

Designing Semiconductor Electronics

Khurram Muhammad, senior director of strategic technology at MediaTek

Semiconductor design
Mike Lercel Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Mike Lercel, director of corporate strategy and strategic marketing at ASML

semiconductors semiconductor manufacturing
Harish Balan Semiconductor modeling tools

Semiconductor Modeling Tools

Harish Balan, global ambassador of academic and research alliances for Synopsys

semiconductors semiconductor modeling tools
Gurav Shah semiconductor manufacturing facilities

Semiconductor Manufacturing Facilities

Guarav Shah, senior director of business and product development at GlobalFoundries

semiconductors semiconductor manufacturing
Matt Park Sustainable Semiconductor Manufacturing

Sustainable Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes

Matt Park, director of facilities development at Micron

semiconductors sustainable manufacturing
Mujtaba Hamid Emerging Electronics Applications and Semiconductors

Emerging Electronics Applications and Semiconductors

Mujtaba Hamid, general manager of Silicon and ModSim for Microsoft

semiconductors electronics applications
Chenshang Wang Semiconductors and the Automobile Industry

Semiconductors and the Automobile Industry

Chenshang Wang, director of supply chain and electrical components at Tesla

semiconductors automotive semiconductors
Deepanshu Dutta Storage and Innovation in Semiconductors

Storage and Innovation in Semiconductors

Western Digital’s Deepanshu Dutta

semiconductors storage
Emmett Kilgariff Fabless Model

Fabless Model

Emmett Kilgariff, Vice President of GPU architecture at NVIDIA

semiconductors fabless
Shohan Hossain Digital Healthcare

Digital Healthcare Technology and Semiconductors

Shohan Hossain, Senior Engineering Director at Medtronic

semiconductors digital healthcare

Tech Sectors

Krach Institute training focuses on emerging tech sectors, which are vital to U.S. foreign policy and national security interests. These include: 5G/6G, semiconductors, hypersonic systems, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, synthetic biology, and others. As new technologies emerge, we will enhance our training portfolio to include the most relevant topics for international engagement.

Tech Diplomacy Training Programs

Our training programs will be offered in a variety of ways, from asynchronous, self-paced, short-term courses, all the way to intensive, in person, instructor-led modules in which several trainees will have the opportunity to analyze issues and receive training as a cohort.

In Person

  • At client location or at Institute office (DC or IN)
  • Customized content
  • Subject matter experts facilitate exceptional training and thought-provoking discussion
  • Networking opportunities among participants
  • Participate in simulations
  • Evaluate technology understanding with pre- and post-course assessments


  • Self paced, individual progress
  • With granted user access, course available online at any time
  • Available to download
  • Available worldwide


  • Access online
  • Instructor-led
  • Offered on demand, based on client needs
  • Available for a group of trainees
  • Students benefit from discussion and learn from each other as a cohort

For more information on how to request or sponsor a training program, please contact our Director of Training Programs, Dr. Zach Goldsmith.