Technology must advance freedom.

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That’s the vision that inspires us at the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue. We’re a bipartisan nonprofit institute with a mission to accelerate the innovation and adoption of trusted technologies to defeat one of the greatest global threats to freedom today: the weaponization of technology by authoritarian regimes.

Through Tech Diplomacy, we’re rallying countries, companies, individuals and organizations to build the world’s first Global Trusted Tech Network.

Together, we’ll make sure technology advances freedom—and never takes it away.

What is Tech Diplomacy?

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New technologies are changing our world in ways traditional diplomacy is ill-equipped to address—disrupting global power relationships, up-ending fair economic competition and destroying individual freedoms.

Keith Krach—former U.S. Under Secretary of State, CEO of DocuSign and founder of Ariba software—and Mung Chiang, President of Purdue University created Tech Diplomacy by combining cutting edge technology expertise, high-tech business strategies, and foreign policy tools, to prevent authoritarian nations from using new technologies to expand their power and undermine precious freedoms.

We Focus on Critical Tech Sectors

Our academic experts from Purdue University and our esteemed Advisory Council are focused on developing trusted tech protocols across twelve critical tech sectors that are most susceptible to techno-authoritarian influence. Each category provides an opportunity for the world’s most innovative companies to promote trusted tech principles in their design and go-to-market strategies.