Keith Krach Leads Annual Chairman’s U.S.-Taiwan Business Council Delegation to Taiwan


Keith Krach hosts a distinguished delegation of U.S. business leaders in Taiwan from January 22-24, 2024, immediately following Taiwan’s election.

Keith Krach Taiwan Tech Diplomacy
Keith Krach presents President Tsai Ing-wen with the Krach Institute's Tech Freedom Award in Taipei on August 10, 2023.

Post-Election Mission Delivers Strong Support for Taiwan’s Democracy and
Expands Economic Cooperation through the Global Trusted Tech Network

WASHINGTON, DC & TAIPEI, TAIWAN – At an historic moment marking Taiwan’s vibrant democratic process, former Under Secretary of State and Chairman of the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue Keith Krach will host a distinguished delegation of U.S. business leaders in Taiwan from January 22-24, 2024, immediately following Taiwan’s election.

The annual Chairman’s U.S.-Taiwan Business Council (USTBC) delegation, headed by Krach and including USTBC President Rupert Hammond-Chambers, members of the Council’s Board of Directors, and dozens of U.S. business executives from various sectors, aims to explore new opportunities for collaboration, forge strategic partnerships, promote innovation in key industries, and grow the Global Trusted Tech Network, a coalition of like-minded nations, companies, institutions, and global leaders working together to advance freedom through the innovation and adoption of trusted technology.

“A few days ago, Taiwanese citizens stood resolutely behind their democracy and sent a clear message to the world that their freedom is here to stay,” said Chairman Keith Krach. “I am honored to lead the U.S.-Taiwan Business Council delegation to Taiwan at this critical time. Our visit demonstrates the commitment of the American business community to furthering bilateral economic cooperation rooted in mutual trust. Without a strong, resilient, and prosperous Taiwan, freedom everywhere will be imperiled by authoritarianism.”

The visit will include meetings with senior government officials, Taiwanese private-sector leaders, and industry experts. The agenda includes discussions on trade policies, investment opportunities, and areas of technological cooperation that can drive economic growth and innovation for both the United States and Taiwan.

Krach’s return to Taiwan reaffirms the Krach Institute’s longstanding commitment to Taiwan’s democracy. During his August 2023 visit, Krach presented the Tech Freedom Award to President Tsai Ing-wen and announced the launch of the Taiwan Center for Innovation and Prosperity at the Krach Institute. The Center’s mission is to enhance Taiwan’s prosperity, international standing, and sovereignty by offering technological expertise and diplomatic reinforcement. The Center bridges U.S. investment, talent, and expertise through its expansive private sector network.

Prior to Krach’s trip to Taiwan, the Institute welcomed Vice President-elect Bi-khim Hsiao to its campus at Purdue University on June 15, 2023. Then-Ambassador Hsiao commended the shared democratic values that form the bedrock of Taiwan-U.S. relations and echoed her confidence in the collaboration with the Krach Institute, stating, “We share a common goal of technological advancement that benefits humanity and is not weaponized by authoritarian regimes against us.”

In 2020, Krach’s historic visit to Taiwan as the highest-ranking U.S. diplomat in 41 years, ushered in the current era of unparalleled U.S.-Taiwan ties, yielding Taiwan’s entry into the Clean Network Alliance of Democracies, the Lee Economic Prosperity Partnership, the U.S.-Taiwan Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement, and paved the way to the Initiative on 21st-Century Trade.

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