We must summon strategic resolve to nix “No-limits” China-Russia nexus

Dr. Kaush Arha


Source: Foreign Policy

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We must summon strategic resolve to nix “No-limits” China-Russia nexus

The U.S. and allies need to demonstrate strategic resolve to deter foreseeable and often coordinated sustained attacks by Xi Jinping’s China and Vladimir Putin’s Russia on the rules-based international order. Fretting about the growing China-Russia nexus is dilatory. First, short of weakening the rules-based order there is little one can do to prevent it. Second, exerting greater cost on the “no-limits” partnership constitutes a more robust strategy to nixing the nexus. While the U.S. and the European Union are engaged in a proxy land war with Russia in Ukraine, China has just concluded a trial run of an air and sea blockade of Taiwan and shot ballistic missiles in Japanese waters. Emboldened by the “no-limits” partnership with Xi, Putin is weaponizing Russian energy exports to Europe to break Trans-Atlantic resolve and unity. Xi is taking notes as he closely evaluates the Ukraine war to inform his stated “unification” of Taiwan. Both China and Russia are developing new weapons and economic systems to counter the U.S. and allies’ military deterrence and economic sanctions. The two are also vigorously reaching out African, Asian and South American nations to undercut the “Russia” sanctions and weaken the rules-based international order.