Ukraine War Calls for a Revival of Deterrence Theory

Dr. Sorin Matei


Damaged port infrastructure on the Danube River in the Odesa region, Ukraine, July 24. PHOTO: UKRAINIAN GROUND FORCES/ZUMA PRESS

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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Ukraine War Calls for a Revival of Deterrence Theory

Fear of Russian escalation has paralyzed the West. What’s needed is forceful localized countermoves.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year came as no surprise to the West. But the Kremlin’s recent ability to escalate without pushback is surprising. Last month Russian jet fighters in Syria harassed U.S. drones and damaged one. Russia’s attack on a Ukrainian grain warehouse in Reni damaged a Romanian commercial ship 600 feet from its North Atlantic Treaty Organization border. NATO has been asleep at the wheel as Russia abuses and provokes its members. A new twist to deterrence theory demands that this aggression be met with sharp, consistent and measured force.