U.S. Approves Nearly All Tech Exports to China, Data Shows

The Hon. Nazak Nikakhtar


Source: The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Approves Nearly All Tech Exports to China, Data Shows

A Commerce Department-led process that reviews U.S. tech exports to China approves almost all requests and has overseen an increase in sales of some particularly important technologies, according to an analysis of trade data.

Of the U.S.’s total $125 billion in exports to China in 2020, officials required a license for less than half a percent, Commerce Department data shows. Of that fraction, the agency approved 94%, or 2,652, applications for technology exports to China, the analysis showed.

For 2021, that approval rate decreased to 88%, the analysis showed, but changes in data compilation methods between the two years make comparisons difficult. The figures omit applications “returned without action,” meaning their outcomes were uncertain.The result: The U.S. continues to send to China an array of semiconductors, aerospace components, artificial-intelligence technology and other items. Critics say such sales, which have taken place across successive U.S. administrations, could be used to advance Beijing’s military interests.