Task Force Report Release: “Advancing the US-Taiwan Partnership in a Changing Global Landscape”


Global Taiwan Institute (GTI) release event for a new report entitled "Advancing the US-Taiwan Partnership in a Changing Global Landscape."

Taiwan Tech Diplomacy

On December 6, 2023, The Global Taiwan Institute (GTI) held a release event for a new report produced by GTI’s Task Force on US-Taiwan Relations, entitled “Advancing the US-Taiwan Partnership in a Changing Global Landscape.” Participants in the discussion include: Allison Hooker, Vice Chair U.S. / Taiwan Task Force, Global Taiwan Institute, & SVP American Global Strategies; James Greer, Partner at King and Spalding; Lieutenant General Wallace “Chip” Gregson, Former Assistant Secretary of Defense; Robert O’Brien, 27th US National Security Adviser; Keith Krach, Chairman of the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue and Former Under Secretary of State; Jennifer Hu, Co-founder and chair of the board of directors for Global Taiwan Institute; Ivan Kanapathy, Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University; and Ambassador Kurt Tong managing partner at the Asia Group.

For decades, the US-Taiwan relationship has served as a cornerstone of the US policy approach to the Indo-Pacific. Despite substantial geopolitical headwinds, Washington and Taipei have been able to forge a strong and enduring partnership, based on shared values and interests. However, these ties have faced increasingly pressing challenges in recent years. The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has shown a growing willingness to upend the norms and greater stability of earlier decades by engaging in both overt military coercion and political warfare subversion directed at Taiwan.

Meanwhile, wars in Eastern Europe and the Middle East have significantly destabilized the international system, potentially paving the way for further authoritarian aggression. Amid these challenges, reinforcing and expanding the US-Taiwan partnership has become more critical than ever.

Recognizing this, GTI assembled an expert Task Force on US-Taiwan relations, with the goal of evaluating the current state of the relationship and providing recommendations for strengthening it. The bipartisan Task Force includes a diverse range of policy experts and practitioners, hailing from the government, private businesses, and academia. Together, its members possess a wealth of experience on Taiwan, China, and the broader Indo-Pacific region. Each member participated in a personal capacity; their views do not represent or necessarily reflect the views of their respective organizations and affiliations.