Proposed US crackdown on ‘Big Tech’ has one winner: China

The Hon. Bonnie Glick


Source: The Hill

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Proposed US crackdown on ‘Big Tech’ has one winner: China

From the time scientists flocked to Northern California in the late 1950s to develop a new semiconductor industry that led to high-tech start-ups including Advanced Micro Devices and Intel, America’s technology industry has been a source of innovation, national pride, nearly nine million jobs, and $1.8 trillion in annual economic output. This phenomenal success story was no accident. It happened because the government knew better than to stand in the way of America’s unrivaled culture of ingenuity and scientific progress.

Thanks to this partnership between the government and the tech sector, America remains at the forefront of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, quantum computing and advanced wireless communications. But we must not take our preeminence for granted, particularly as China, our top global competitor, deploys the full might of its authoritarian government to boost its growing tech sector at the expense of ours.