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Krach Institute CEO, Michelle Giuda addresses 54th Annual Washington Conference on the Americas: “The key to opportunity is trusted technology.”


Giuda pointed out that infrastructure, digital capability, and a skilling of the population alone are not enough to spur digitization. The key to seizing the opportunity is trusted technology.

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On Wednesday, May 8, 2024, Michelle Giuda, CEO of the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue, participated in the Council of the Americas “Digitizing the Americas” panel. The panel was moderated by Bloomberg Business reporter Jackie Davalos and featured Marushka ChocobarSpecial Advisor on Digital Transformation for the Government of Peru, Dominic Delmolino, Vice President of Technology at Amazon Web Services, and Carlos Felipe Jaramillo, Vice President for Latin America and Caribbean for the The World Bank.

Council of the Americas 54th Washington Conference on the Americas

Council of the Americas 54th Washington Conference on the Americas


The panel, which centered on the significant opportunities new technologies offer to the region, emphasized the critical need for the widespread adoption of trusted technology and highlighted the importance of infrastructure, workforce development, and policy.

According to Michelle Giuda, the key to advancing the business case in Latin America isn’t just technology—it’s trusted technology, built upon trust principles which will deepen diplomatic, economic, and technological partnerships.


Trusted technology brings a new era of global collaboration where cutting-edge tech is developed and exchanged based on democratic trust principles like respect for the rule of law, property, the press, human rights, the environment, national sovereignty, and practices rooted in transparency, integrity, and reciprocity.

These trust principles are crucial in shaping the emergence of AI regulations, legislation, and semiconductor innovation, driving investment and partnerships throughout the region. The opportunity for Latin America and the entire region is exciting.

(Left) Bloomberg’s Jackie Davalos, Michelle Giuda, and Ambassador Todd Chapman converse after the Council of the Americas Conference. (Right) Marushka Chocobar of Peru speaks during the Digitizing the Americas panel.


And what does Latin America need to capitalize on the potential of new technologies? Dominic Delmolino of AWS spotlighted three key areas: infrastructure, digital capability, and a skilling of the population. On that last theme, Chocobar spotlighted Peru’s effort to train and retain tech talent.

“Latin America is a region that promises to be in most of the advanced region in digital transformation for the next years,” said Marushka Chocobar of Peru.

Watch the full panel discussion at Americas Society/Council of the Americas