Does Freedom Have a Future?


A conversation with Mitch Daniels and Garry Kasparov

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Does Freedom Have a Future? A conversation with Soviet-born chess grandmaster and democracy champion Garry Kasparov

President Mitch Daniels will host Garry Kasparov, Soviet-born chess champion and human rights advocate, for an hourlong conversation in Loeb Playhouse. Daniels and Kasparov will talk about Kasparov’s remarkable accomplishments, human rights advocacy and the values of promoting freedom globally.

Kasparov achieved fame in 1985 by becoming the youngest chess champion in history at just 22 years old. He would spend 20 years as the world’s top-rated chess player. Kasparov later used his position to call for democratic and market reforms, one of the first prominent Soviets to do so. Having previously escaped violence in his native Azerbaijan, Kasparov fled Moscow for New York in 2013 under imminent threat of arrest for his activism. In 2017, Kasparov founded the Renew Democracy Initiative, dedicated to promoting the principles of the free world.