The first installment of Understanding Tomorrow’s Nuclear Energy — a lecture series sponsored by Purdue University and Duke Energy — provided an overview of nuclear reactor technologies. Dr. Arden Bement, Purdue University’s David A. Ross Professor of Nuclear Engineering Emeritus and Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue Advisory Board member, presented the inaugural lecture.

The lecture focused on the uses of nuclear reactors, from their first uses in submarines in the 1950s to the growth of nuclear power plants from 1980-2000 to how small modular reactors could be used in the near future to provide safe, renewable energy to power electrical grids, a university or even a remote village. The lecture also highlighted the rigorous approval process for nuclear reactors, safety systems, and the evolution of reactor technology.

A full recording of the lecture is available online.

Dr. Arden Bement delivering the inaugural lecture
Dr. Seungjin Kim, Capt. James F. McCarthy, Jr. and Cheryl E. McCarthy Head of the School of Nuclear Engineering, moderated a question and answer session with Dr. Bement after the lecture.