Defense plays a pivotal role in the global tech competition between the US and China. As these technological powerhouses vie for dominance, the significance of safeguarding intellectual property, critical infrastructure, and sensitive data cannot be overstated. Cutting-edge advancements in areas like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and 5G networks have dual-use applications, both for civilian innovation and military capabilities. The ability to protect and defend these technologies is essential to maintaining a competitive edge and national security.

Heightened concerns about cyber espionage, data breaches, and technology transfer underline the need for robust defense mechanisms. Both countries invest significantly in research, development, and deployment of defensive and offensive cybersecurity measures. The winner in this defense-oriented dimension gains not only technological prowess but also strategic advantage in an increasingly interconnected and digitized world, influencing economic and geopolitical dynamics on a global scale.

Commissioner for Defense

David Stilwell

Ret. General USAF; Fmr Assistant Secretary of State (Asia)

Commissioner for Defense

The National Defense Strategy calls the People’s Republic of China the 'Pacing Threat', in large part because most of the US government outside Defense has been trying to cooperate with China, while Beijing has long called the US 'the high-tech enemy.' The Global Tech Security Commission is an important step toward putting the relationship on an appropriate footing; the US must stop helping the PRC defeat us.

Advisory Council

Andy Drake

Retired Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps


Ken Quinn

Retired Air Commodore, Royal Australian Air Force


Simone Ledeen

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Middle East Policy


John Teichert

Former Assistant Deputy Undersecretary of the Air Force for International Affairs


Matt Turpin

Former Director for China, U.S. National Security Council


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