Supply Chains

The topic of supply chain management has become central to the U.S.-China economic relationship, as it touches every single tech sector. Supply chain management involves the design, coordination and optimization of processes that govern the flow of goods, services and information. Notably, China’s role as a manufacturing hub and its dominance in various supply chain nodes, like electronics and textiles, highlights its strategic position.


Disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted vulnerabilities in supply chains heavily reliant on China. Meanwhile, technology-driven solutions like blockchain enhance transparency, traceability and authentication in complex international supply networks. As U.S.-China relations evolve, strategic considerations related to supply chain diversification, risk mitigation and ethical sourcing gain prominence. Effective supply chain management is pivotal to ensuring the resilience, efficiency and sustainability of global commerce, as well as addressing challenges such as counterfeit goods and labor exploitation. Embracing emerging technologies within supply chains is essential to adapt to changing dynamics and foster collaboration in the interconnected world economy. 

Jim Schwab

Fmr Director of Strategy & Solutions, U.S. Dept of State; Founding Partner, Crimstone Partners

Commissioner for Supply Chains

Awareness of the truly extensive and global nature of our supply chain has never been higher as the pandemic caused major disruptions in the flow and availability of goods worldwide. Therefore, fundamental and foundational to a winning global tech security strategy is the establishment of a trusted, transparent, and secure global supply chain network whose participants are all aligned against the key values of freedom and democracy and are dedicated to the development of the trusted relationships that make it all work.

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