Why Now?

Autonomous and electric vehicles represent a rapidly advancing sector of the automotive industry. Autonomous vehicles use sensors, machine learning, and other advanced technologies to navigate roads and make driving decisions without human intervention, while electric vehicles use battery-powered electric motors to propel the vehicle. Leadership in this tech sector is vital to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.
  • Increase safety and productivity in transportation, agriculture, construction, mining and other industries by reducing accidents and inefficiencies caused by human error.
  • Drive innovation in the automotive and other industries, as well as in other areas such as battery technology, energy storage, and artificial intelligence.
  • Enable greater accessibility to transportation for people who are unable to drive, including the elderly and those with disabilities.
  • Reduce traffic congestion by optimizing driving patterns and improving traffic flow.
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Commissioner for Autonomous and Electric Vehicles

Matt Blunt

54th Governor of Missouri; President, American Automotive Policy Council

Commissioner for Autonomous and Electric Vehicles

As the U.S. auto industry continues to drive the truly transformational technologies in electric vehicles and automated driving, we must work diligently, across sectors to ensure that these new technologies are properly safeguarded. The work of the Global Tech Security Commission will be a catalyst in bringing U.S. technology leaders together to not only guard against existing threats to our cutting-edge technology, but also formulate proactive strategies to combat adversarial threats to America’s future technological leadership. So I am honored to have been selected to serve on the Commission, and I am eager to work with leaders from other critical U.S. industries to carry out the important work and mission of the Global Tech Security Commission.


Andres Castrillon

Director of Government Affairs, Qualcomm

Robbie Diamond

Founder, President and CEO

Brian Kingston

President and CEO, Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association

Norma Krayem

Vice President, Van Scoyoc Associates

Dan Nicholson

Vice President, Strategic Technology Initiatives, General Motors

Alex Perkins

Principal, Mehlman Consulting

Prashanthi Raman

Vice President, Global Government Affairs, Cruise

Clete Willems

Partner, Akin