Japan holds a prominent position in a broad range of vital tech sectors. NTT Docomo stands out for pioneering commercial 5G networks, while SoftBank’s humanoid robot, Pepper, has made significant contributions to AI & Machine Intelligence. Toyota’s Prius and Mirai have set the standard for Autonomous & Electric Vehicles, shaping the industry. Japan delivered a breakthrough in Biotech with Shinya Yamanaka’s discovery of induced pluripotent stem cells, revolutionizing the field. Japan’s dedication to clean energy is exemplified by notable projects like the Fukushima Floating Offshore Wind Farm, pushing the boundaries of renewable energy. Fanuc Corporation specializes in Robotics & Advanced Manufacturing, providing advanced automation systems. Toshiba and Renesas Electronics are prominent players in the Semiconductors sector, driving technological advancements. Additionally, JAXA’s Hayabusa2 mission successfully collected asteroid samples, showcasing Japan’s prowess in Space Technologies.


Country Commissioner

Tadao Yanase

Sr. EVP, NTT; Frm Vice Minister of METI; Exec Secretary to Prime Ministers Aso & Abe

Commissioner for Japan

As the technology competition with countries of particular concern has become increasingly serious from the strategic viewpoint, it becomes more important than ever to explore and share the strategic plan among the like-minded countries, I am very honored to contribute to developing the strategy on how Japan and its allies should meet this challenge as a Commissioner for Japan of the Global Tech Security Commission.

Japan Advisory Council

Taro Aso

Fmr. Prime Minister of Japan; Minister for Foreign Affairs; Minister for Finance Member of the House of Representatives

Yoichi Funabashi

Former Chief Editor of “Asahi Shinbun”;Founder, Asia Pacific Initiative

Makoto Gonokami

Fmr. President, University of Tokyo, President of RIKEN

Nobukatsu Kanehara

Fmr. Deputy Secretary-General, National Security Secretariat; Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary Professor of Doshisha University

Shigeru Kitamura

Former National Security Advisor of Japan, CEO, Kitamura Economic Security Inc.

Shinichi Kitaoka

Former President, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency); Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo

Takayuki Kobayashi

Fmr. Minister for Economic Security, Member of the House of Representatives

Yoshimatsu Kobayashi

Chairman, Tokyo Electric Power Company, Former Chairman, Mitsubishi Chemical

Kazuhisa Shimada

Fmr. Vice-Minister of Defense

Yasuhiko Taniwaki

Former Vice-Minister of Policy, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC); Executive Vice President, Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

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