Why Now?

Robotics and advanced manufacturing involve the use of cutting-edge technologies to automate and streamline industrial processes. Leadership in this tech sector is vital for:

  • Enhancing productivity and efficiency in manufacturing, enabling faster production times and improved product quality.
  • Driving innovation and competitiveness, as advancements in robotics and automation are critical for staying ahead in global markets.
  • Creating high-skilled jobs in the areas of design, engineering, and programming, driving economic growth and enabling a highly trained workforce.
  • Reducing reliance on overseas production, increasing national security and supply chain resilience while improving environmental sustainability by reducing waste and energy consumption.
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Commissioner for Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics

Tom Lupfer

President & Founder, Clarity Design, Inc.

Commissioner for Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics

Trust is essential in business, all the more so when the exchange involves technological intellectual property that can easily be distributed without due compensation. Software and low-latency networking are the key enablers of advanced manufacturing and robotics and must be developed and deployed securely among trusted partners.