Export Controls

Export controls refer to regulations that restrict the export of certain goods and technologies to safeguard national security, prevent proliferation, and maintain a competitive edge. As emerging technologies such as advanced semiconductors, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology evolve, concerns about dual-use applications and intellectual property protection intensify.

For example, the U.S. implements export controls on critical technologies such as semiconductors, preventing their transfer to entities that may pose a security risk, exemplified by the restrictions imposed on companies like China’s Huawei.

China, too, enforces export controls to safeguard its technological advancements. The country’s regulation of rare earth minerals exports showcase its intent to control the global supply chain of critical materials. Conversely, the interdependence of global supply chains demands cooperation to ensure that export controls do not impede technological progress or hinder collaboration. Navigating this landscape necessitates a nuanced approach that safeguards national interests while fostering an environment of responsible innovation.

Commissioner for Export Controls

Nazak Nikakhtar

Fmr Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Industry & Analysis, International Trade Administration

Commissioner for Export Controls

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