Why Now?

Quantum computing represents the next great leap forward in national security and economic growth. The countries breaking into this new frontier will have a new edge over their competitors.

  • Quantum computing will open up new applications of artificial intelligence, heightening the importance of global governance standards.
  • Quantum computing has a number of scientific applications such as the study of photosynthesis, superconductivity, and complex molecular formations.
  • It has the potential to thwart existing cryptography systems, which would allow sufficiently powerful quantum computers to decrypt the world’s most sensitive information.
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Commissioner for Quantum and Advanced Computing

Jake Taylor

Fmr Assistant Director for Quantum Information Science and founding Director of the National Quantum Coordination Office, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Commissioner for Quantum and Advanced Computing

Making complex quantum systems work is the type of challenge that engineers live for — and one that makes a big difference in the world. From foundational science discoveries to combating climate change, quantum engineers are going to build the systems that enable a new range of technologies if we put in the work today, in growing the foundations and depth of the field and the community.