Capital Markets

American investors are unknowingly financing the CCP’s human rights abuses, surveillance state, and military-civil fusion because the CCP has infiltrated American capital markets through the back door. They’ve managed to get around the financial transparency laws that American and other companies must follow in order to enjoy the same access, and are often buried in various index bonds, which are then incorporated into hundreds of products, ETFs, and mutual funds.

The free world not only turned a blind eye to the CCP’s crimes, but we financed them by providing access to our capital markets. We not only sent over a treasure trove of our best investment bankers, lawyers, money managers, private equity investors, and venture capitalists, but we funded China, Inc. through our pension funds, university endowments, foundations, mutual funds, and bond portfolios.

Commissioner for Capital Markets

Roger W. Robinson Jr.

Frm Sr. Director, NSC; Frm Chairman U.S.-China Economic & Security Commission

Commissioner for Capital Markets

Keith Krach is a dynamic, visionary force of nature who is dedicated to the transformation of U.S. technology and financial competitiveness globally, while advancing national security-mindedness, particularly vis a vis our leading adversaries. It's an honor to join him in forging a pivotal role for the Institute in this much-needed, historic undertaking.

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$2 Trillion Invested in Chinese Companies, but US Investors Have No Visibility or Control

The Variable Interest Entity structure enables Chinese companies to sell US investors shares in Cayman Island shell companies. Investors have no visibility or control over the real companies located in China.


Protecting American Investors — Chinese Stocks on U.S. Stock Exchanges

The road to security regulation internationalization was based on the principle that all sellers played by the same rules. The continuing emergence of Chinese state owned enterprises on the American based New York and NASDAQ exchanges is stacking the deck against American companies and intensifying the risks that investors are taking.


Protect the American Investor From Financing CCP’s Surveillance State

Under Secretary of State has championed the cause to protect the average American from unknowingly funding the Chinese Communist Party’s human rights abuses


Communist Chinese Military Companies Listed Under E.O. 13959 Have More Than 1,100 Subsidiaries

Citizens around the world are waking up to the truth about the CCP’s three-prong strategy of concealment, co-option, and coercion. The CCP’s concealment of the virus resulted in the pandemic, its co-option of Hong Kong has eviscerated the freedoms of its citizens, and its relentless coercion of the Uyghur people has continued in the brutal internment camps of Xinjiang.


Letter From Under Secretary Keith Krach to the Governing Boards of American Universities

Studies have shown that the majority of the U.S. university endowment fund portfolios own PRC stocks listed on American exchanges either directly or indirectly through emerging markets index funds.


Here Comes the Sun: ESG and Dirty Solar Supply Chains

As ESG investment has increased, the supply chain for solar panels has become deeply entangled in the ongoing genocide against the Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslim peoples.


Xi’s ESG Boom Funnels Billions Into Coal, Liquor, Defense Stocks

By: Keith Krach


ESG Has Hit the Human Rights Iceberg

There’s a huge flaw in how Environmental, Social, Governmental (ESG) investment is currently structured, and it can summed it up in one word: China.