International coalitions and alliances are a vital way for democratic nations to ally together and support one another against authoritarian regimes. Four coalitions that are key to tech diplomacy include:

The Quad — Geostrategic
Deepens trans-regional ties between the Indian and Pacific Ocean areas to deal more effectively with the rise of China, the Middle East and Africa.

G7 — Economic
Brings together the world’s advanced economies to influence global trends and tackle pervasive and crosscutting issues.

T12 –Technological
Brings together the United States and various configurations of other “techno-democracies” to promote and protect technologies seen as critical to the competition with China.

D10 — Governance
Brings together top policy planning officials and strategy experts from ten leading democracies at the forefront of building and maintaining the rules-based democratic order.

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G7 summit: Leaders detail $600bn plan to rival China’s Belt and Road initiative

G7 leaders have detailed plans to mobilise $600bn in funding for the developing world in a move seen as a counter to China's Belt and Road plan.


Checking China: What is the Quad Coalition?

Leaders of the “Quad” — the United States, India, Australia and Japan — met in Tokyo, cementing an alliance designed to counter China’s push across the Asia-Pacific region.


Toward a T12: Putting Allied Technology Cooperation into Practice

The Biden administration has sought to expand cooperation with allies and partners on promoting and protecting critical technologies, citing the potential benefits to U.S. and partners’ competitiveness, national security, and global leadership. In a dynamic global environment experiencing rapid digitization, economic nationalism, and a multifaceted challenge from China to existing rules and norms, allied technology cooperation—if it is to be effective—will require thoughtful prioritization and organization of efforts within and among countries.