Taiwan is a leader in several key tech sectors. Its semiconductor industry, led by TSMC, has revolutionized chip manufacturing and plays a vital role in global electronics. In Robotics & Advanced Manufacturing, companies like Foxconn are at the forefront, shaping the industry’s future. Taiwan’s contributions to 5G/IoT are notable, with MediaTek driving advancements in connectivity solutions. The country’s commitment to Clean Energy is evident through companies like Motech Solar, contributing to the growth of solar power generation. In the realm of Digital Currency and Fintech, Taiwan’s companies such as Bitfinex have gained global recognition. These achievements reflect Taiwan’s leadership and market position in these sectors, driving innovation and propelling the industry forward.


Country Commissioner

Audrey Tang

Fmr. Minister of Digital Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

Commissioner for Taiwan

As a new member of the Global Tech Security Commission, we are committed to working with all stakeholders, especially on open and collaborative R&D, democratization of AI, privacy, and cybersecurity standards. We look forward to engaging in inclusive co-creation that leads to digital resilience for all.

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To lawmakers, terms like 5G, AI, EV, quantum are meaningless. Until we brought the TSMC fab to the U.S. and architected the CHIPS and Science Act, “chips” were something you ate.


Audrey Tang, Digital Minister for Taiwan and Taiwan Commissioner on the GTSC, discusses her perspectives on the importance of trusted technology and the unique perspective Taiwan brings to the development of the Global Tech Security Strategy. 

Keith Krach, who visited Taiwan as the U.S. Under Secretary of State in 2020, was the current U.S. State Department official who visited Taiwan at the highest level in 41 years. On the 9th, he will visit Taiwan again to meet with government officials and leaders of the technology industry to strengthen ties between the private sector of the United States and Taiwan.

Former US undersecretary of state Keith Krach, who is on a four-day visit to Taiwan ending tomorrow, called for strengthened Taiwan-US private-sector ties. He wrote on X on Wednesday that the private sector has a role to play in securing freedom, and that Taiwan’s private sector offers “a big competitive advantage vs the Chinese communist model.”

Politicians and cybersecurity experts in Taiwan tell 60 Minutes that China has begun a cyber offensive through hacking and disinformation.