Innovation and IP Protection

The Global Tech Security Commission is focused on the urgent mission of securing high tech from growing techno-authoritarian threats. The Commission also has the support of lawmakers and private-sector leaders at a time when the United States is working to unite its Transatlantic and Indo-Pacific allies and partners across a range of critical technology issues.

Companies doing business with China have endured parasitic joint ventures, blatant thievery of intellectual property, a world-wide bullying spree, and the coerced collection of proprietary technology. Corporate boards increasingly understand doing business with, in, or for China represents tremendous risk and why many respected board members are demanding a China contingency plan from their CEOs.

Commissioner for Innovation and IP Protection

Andrei Iancu

Fmr Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property

Commissioner for Innovation and IP Protection

America and its trade partners need to maximize their innovation output in order to compete for the technologies of the future. The Global Tech Security Commission will play a critical role in shaping policies that ensure our continued technological edge.

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