Economic Security

As emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, quantum computing and advanced manufacturing reshape industries, concerns arise about economic competitiveness, market dominance and supply chain vulnerabilities. China’s strategic investments in these sectors, often driven by state-driven initiatives, have prompted debates over fair competition, intellectual property protection, and technological sovereignty.

The significance of economic security in this context cannot be understated. China’s rapid ascendancy in critical technology sectors has led to questions about dependency on Chinese supply chains and the potential for undue influence. For instance, the dominance of Chinese tech giants in global markets raises issues of market access and competition fairness. Addressing these challenges requires a delicate balance between fostering innovation, ensuring fair trade practices, and protecting national interests. As economic power and technological prowess converge, the effective management of economic security is crucial to preserving innovation, maintaining market diversity, and safeguarding national economies in a hyper-connected world.

Commissioner for Economic Security

Corey Johnston

Head of Strategy, Strider Technologies; Ret. U.S. Navy Captain;

Commissioner for Economic Security

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