Tom Lupfer

President & Founder, Clarity Design, Inc.

Commissioner for Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics

Trust is essential in business, all the more so when the exchange involves technological intellectual property that can easily be distributed without due compensation. Software and low-latency networking are the key enablers of advanced manufacturing and robotics and must be developed and deployed securely among trusted partners.

Tom Lupfer is the Founder and President of Clarity Design, a product design and manufacturing firm based in San Diego. Clarity Design has brought hundreds of products from concept to production in the medical device, health & wellness, consumer, industrial, retail, and defense markets. Lupfer is an investor, founder, and CTO of several US-based start-up companies. Tom serves on the board of trustees at the University of San Diego, where he is also a professor of practice in computer science. Lupfer received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and his MA in Engineering and Economics at Oxford University, where he studied on a Marshall Scholarship.