Tadao Yanase

Sr. EVP, NTT; Frm Vice Minister of METI; Exec Secretary to Prime Ministers Aso & Abe

Commissioner for Japan

As the technology competition with countries of particular concern has become increasingly serious from the strategic viewpoint, it becomes more important than ever to explore and share the strategic plan among the like-minded countries, I am very honored to contribute to developing the strategy on how Japan and its allies should meet this challenge as a Commissioner for Japan of the Global Tech Security Commission.

Tadao Yanase is the senior executive vice president and chief business development officer of NTT Corporation. Yanase previously served as Japan’s vice minister for international affairs at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) from 2017–2018, leading international policy operations and represented the ministry in cross-border economic dialogues and negotiations. During this time, he traveled alongside the Prime Minister on overseas missions to advise on industrial and energy policy, as well as international trade and investment issues. Previously, Yanase served as executive secretary to Prime Minister Abe and Prime Minister Aso and served as Director-General of METI’s Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau and Cabinet Secretariat, leading government activities to design and implement Japan’s growth strategy under the Abe Administration. Mr. Yanase is a graduate of the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Law and received a master’s degree in economics from Yale University.