Making Chips In America: Fireside Chat w/ Keith Krach & Pat Gelsinger | Concordia Summit

Keith Krach
Mitch Daniels
Pat Gelsinger

With the Center for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue (CTDP)

The top factories that manufacture chips are based in Asia, and US government officials have been pushing to increase manufacturing on American soil for industries like defense, as well as to hedge against possible geopolitical events that could cut off U.S. chip supplies. This discussion examines State Department efforts to secure the semiconductor supply chain, resulting in the largest onshoring in US History and the catalyst for $350B investment in US Chip Industry and the $250B bipartisan Senate-approved USICA bill for research funding in top national security technologies. Earlier this year, Intel announced that it would invest $20 billion in new semiconductor factories, called fabs, in Arizona. Intel also announced they will become a foundry, or a company that manufactures other companies’ chips for them. Join this session to hear directly from Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger and Keith Krach, Chair of CTDP Advisory Board and former US Under Secretary of State, on how they envision moving the production and the supply of semiconductors back on American soil by American companies.

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