David Stilwell

Ret. General USAF; Fmr Assistant Secretary of State (Asia)

Commissioner for Defense

The National Defense Strategy calls the People’s Republic of China the “Pacing Threat,” in large part because most of the US government outside Defense has been trying to cooperate with China, while Beijing has long called the US “the high-tech enemy.” The Global Tech Security Commission is an important step toward putting the relationship on an appropriate footing; the US must stop helping the PRC defeat us.

David R. Stilwell is the Fox Fellow for the Future Pacing Threat at the Air Force Academy’s Institute for Future Warfare. He most recently served as the Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs from 2019-2021. Prior to that he served in the Air Force for 35 years, beginning as an enlisted Korean linguist in 1980, and retiring in 2015 in the rank of Brigadier General as the Asia advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.