Representative Ritchie Torres

(D-NY 15th District)

It is critical that the United States sends a powerful message of strength to the global community, especially in the face of global challenges posed by the Chinese Communist Party. I’m looking forward to joining the team at the Global Tech Security Commission to advise efforts to amplify this vital national security message. My work on the House Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party supports our nation’s critical mission to deter violations of American sovereignty and transnational aggression by the CCP on our soil.

Rep. Ritchie Torres is a fighter from the Bronx who has spent his entire life working for the community he calls home. Like many in the Bronx, poverty and struggle have never been abstractions to him. At 25, Ritchie became NYC’s youngest elected official and the first openly LBGTQ person elected in the Bronx. He represents New York’s 15th Congressional District and is a member of the Financial Services Committee and serves as the Vice Chair of the Homeland Security Committee.