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The US and its allies are becoming increasingly wary of the risks posed by Chinese infrastructure investment and the need to review prospective investments in critical infrastructure to mitigate the security risk China and other countries of concern can pose.

Any deals with PRC entities should be scrutinized carefully to ensure that countries retain sovereignty over critical infrastructure, including seaports and information technology infrastructure.

This is also important because many leading PRC companies, or their parent companies, have been sanctioned by the United States due to their involvement in human rights abuses in Xinjiang or in destabilizing activities in the South China Sea.

Beijing’s extensive use of state-driven protectionist policies and predatory practices distort global markets and damage the environment.

The US and its allies must continue to move forward with updating their foreign investment screening frameworks to protect investors from risk, and ensure that investors are not unwittingly funding Chinese military build-up or human rights abuses.

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