Ned Rauch-Mannino

President, , Portsmouth Ltd. Co.

Ned Rauch-Mannino offers a cumulative professional profile providing firsthand experience working with multiple levels of government, a variety of global markets, and a diverse portfolio of industry partners and priorities.

Mr. Rauch-Mannino is president of Portsmouth Limited Company, a commercial diplomacy advisory and consulting firm advancing trade, investment, and development initiatives. He previously served in the U.S. Department of Commerce as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Global Operations and Senior Advisor for Global Markets, supporting multiple initiatives to increase American economic security, including serving as co-chair for the White House’s Prosper Africa. He also worked with interagency peers on U.S. polices and strategies multilateral development bank engagement, development finance, trade capacity building, critical mineral supply chain resiliency, and global fragility, among other measures.

Previously, Mr. Rauch-Mannino served with the U.S. Agency for International Development, where he led USAID’s first intergovernmental affairs office and was a senior advisor for trade and regulatory policy. Prior to his federal service he directed strategic initiatives with the Ridge Policy Group, LLC, lectured for Temple University’s Economics Department as an adjunct faculty, and managed economic development initiatives in the City of Philadelphia.

Mr. Rauch-Mannino is presently a visiting fellow with The Heritage Foundation and non-resident senior fellow with the Foreign Policy Research Institute, and assists energy tech entrepreneurs as an Energy Cohort Mentor with Tech Stars. He also serves on the board of directors for the Smithsonian-affiliate National Museum of Industrial History and the board of trustees for The Nature Conservancy representing Pennsylvania and Delaware, and regularly contributes analysis and commentary on emerging markets, foreign affairs, and international development issues.