Luke Revell

CEO, U.S. Predistics

Luke Revell is an experienced public, diplomacy, technology, and charity leader. He leads with curiosity, prioritizing doing right and effective action over upholding the status quo. His focus is on teamwork, customer trust, organizational design, efficiency, and future growth.

In Universities, he teaches novel interdisciplinary courses discussing information levers and sociological constructs based on his graduate and post-graduate education in human-centered design, marketing, and business, as well as over 23 years of military intelligence experience. He recently retired as the Intelligence Chief of the Marine Corps and led more than 12,000 uniformed and civilian intelligence professionals at the policy level, from acquisition to implementation. This culminated in a career of teaching, leading, and enacting political and military intelligence operations, supporting tactical to strategic level United States policy in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America.

A lifelong learner, he is currently a doctoral candidate pursuing a Doctor of Strategic Intelligence degree at American Military University. His dissertation focus is on the design theory required to automate context responsibly. After years of demonstrating selfless service to charity organizations worldwide, including founding and running an extremely successful charity event in San Diego, California, he was awarded the Volunteer Service Medal.