Daniel Millman

Chief Executive Officer, HyST Consulting

Dr. Daniel Millman graduated from Rice University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 1986, The George Washington University in 1989 as a graduate scholar assistant at NASA Langley in 1989 with an MS in Astronautics, and from the Air Force Institute of Technology with a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering in 2004. He served in the Air Force as a B-52H copilot, aircraft commander, instructor pilot, and graduated from USAF Test Pilot School in 1998. He stood up the Hypersonic Combined Test Force at Edwards AFB in 2006 and launched the first X-51A in May of 2010. As a command pilot, he has over 3600 hours in 35 aircraft types. In industry, Dr. Millman served as a Technical Fellow for Hypersonics at Booz Allen Hamilton and as the Chief Technology Officer at Stratolaunch. Currently he is an independent consultant for hypersonic flight test