Persona-Based Solutions

Meet Faustina

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Occupation: Rural Farmer Location: Nigeria Devices: Feature Phone Marital Status: Married with 3 children
I need to provide more for my family, and a safe place for my money.

She is a rural farmer with no formal education. Her farm is the main source of food and revenue for the family. Erratic weather has impacted yields.​

She wants to grow & earn more. She needs education to do so. She is part of a savings group that save and lend to one another. She wants to borrow for inputs and kids’ education. Money is scarce, as the group has limited funds. She has no bank account and is distrusting of banks and concerned about fraud. She is unaware of available government aid.

A year in the life of Faustina – Current Needs

Information on Planting & Farm Prep
  • Needs valuable, quality seeds
  • Needs farming equipment & inputs​
  • Late rain / too much rain​
  • Shortage of cash for inputs and labor
  • Lacks access to finance or loans
  • Hunger season ​
Purchasing Inputs
  • Difficulty locating inputs and certified products
  • Long distance to input dealer
  • Hunger season
  • Shortage of labor
  • Shortage of inputs
  • No money for labor and inputs
  • Hunger season​
Interplanting & Revenue Generating
  • Lack of knowledge of which crops to interplant
  • Lack of fertilizer​
  • Hunger season
  • Lacks money for labor
  • Needs transportation
  • Poor yield
  • Inability to predict prices ​
Sales Marketing
  • No money for sacks
  • Manipulated vendor scales
  • Lack of profitable markets
  • Hard and racist vendors

Additional Personas

Faustina’s story is just the beginning. We envision a broad range of persona-based, localized solutions to help micropreneurs leverage trusted technology and microfinance to improve their lives.


Technical Approach

Digitized Customer Experience
  • Focus on key moments in clients’
    life journeys
  • Create valuable, frictionless experiences in business/ farming/education settings
  • Help manage financial and family life
  • Make it easy to connect in their communities while respecting culture and relationships
  • Leverage partners to create experiences and integrate their
Collaboration and Management
  • Create digital community group mobile apps for VSLA, farming, family, school
  • Engage groups in learning, saving, lending, communications, collaboration, scheduling
  • Leverage low code application communities (e.g., WhatsApp) to create and manage groups (e.g., setup, members, ratings)
Trusted Network & Ecosystem
  • Trust is foundational to all relationships and key to drive adoption, usage, efficiency and outputs
  • An Opportunity trusted ecosystem of local and international partners and members will create value, connection and credibility
  • Vetting and ongoing reputation scoring of all members in the ecosystem is key
Aggregation of Data
  • Objective/safe custodian of collective data describing relationships, operations, and outcomes for each region
  • Create and protect aggregated data to enable insights for stakeholders using analytics and AI/ML
  • Goal is to increase incomes and lower costs while also surfacing new opportunities for increased impact and inclusion

Development and Training Centers


  • Basic Tech Training
  • Solutions Studies
  • Basic Application Development
  • Global Mentor Network
  • Virtual Programs
  • Consulting services
  • Tech Support
  • Microentrepreneurs Programs

Trust Groups and Banks

Opportunity International’s local footprint includes:

  • 42,000 staff and partners
  • Network of Trust Banks
  • Community Trust Groups
  • That reach 250,000 families

Economic Prosperity Partnerships

Trusted Tech Microfinance Initiative follows the PEPFAR model of Economic Prosperity Partnerships, which has been incredibly effective saving lives, preventing HIV infections, and accelerating progress toward achieving HIV/AIDS pandemic control in more than 50 countries around the world.


Tech Trust Standards


The Trusted Tech Microfinance Initiative relies on and extends Global Trusted Tech Security Standards on a global scale.



How We Do It


  • Lending to “Invisibles” and “Bootstrappers”
  • Credit Support for microfinance banks
  • Creativity enabled by decades of experience


  • Local Partners
  • Capacity Building for “Invisibles” and “Bootstrappers”
  • Long Term Implementation
  • Bank Operating Systems
  • Telco Footprint Extensions


How We Do It

Digitizing customer’s
financial life​

Improving horizontal communication between communities​

Building a trusted network​

Deliver trusted skill-building solutions efficiently at scale

Building groups — and making them better​

Leveraging data​


How We Do It


  • Android phones
  • Battery packs
  • 6-inch solar panels
  • Bandwidth Antennas


  • Replacement phones
  • Admin servers
  • Charging stations
  • Wi-Fi capable antennas


  • Global communication & collaboration platforms
  • User-appropriate apps
  • Third party APIs
  • 3rd party/localized apps

Current Phase of Development


The current execution phase of the initiative is selecting two lead hi-tech partners and consortium partners to architect and build out localized solutions.

Execution Phase 1


Opportunity International’s extensive network of local team members, trust banks and trust groups in India and Malawi makes them ideal choices for Phase 1 development and testing.

Execution Phase 2


After a successful Phase 1 deployment, testing and refinement, the project will expand more broadly across Africa, Asia, and South and Central America.