Transforming Causes Through the Power of Trust



The Trusted Tech Microfinance Initiative brings together trusted technology and applications with public and private sector funding to create solutions that transform lives.

Strategic Alignment



The Trusted Tech Microfinance Initiative is strategically aligned with the goals of international governments, diplomatic corps and a broad array of private sector organizations.

Diplomatic Alignment



The Trusted Tech Microfinance Initiative aligns with the U.S. State Department vision of solutions that bring together grantmaking, tech and government funding.

Private Sector Alignment



The Trusted Tech Microfinance Initiative aligns with key learnings and approaches pioneered by private sector organizations on the leading edge of grass roots empowerment programs around the world.

Lead Corporate Partner — Role and Scope



The Krach Institute and Opportunity International are actively recruiting corporate partners to fill roles in funding, tech development, and government relations to launch and extend the solution.

Consistent with USAID GDA Programs



USAID Global Development Alliances (GDAs) are public / private partnerships where USAID supports a private sector actor’s work to develop and implement market-based approaches to solve development challenges. The perfect model for the Trusted Tech Microfinance Initiative.



Opportunity International has a rich history of participation in USAID’s GDA programs.

Alignment with DFC Goals



The goals and strategies of the Trusted Tech Microfinance Initiative are perfectly aligned with the goals and strategy of the U.S. Development Finance Corporation.


Krach Institute chairman, Keith Krach, was deeply engaged with DFC during his service as Under Secretary of State.