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Culture Clash

Shellye Archambeau


One of the most formative experiences in Shellye's career was working overseas. This allowed her to experience new cultures, new ways to communicate, and new strategies for reaching the top.


One of the most formative experiences in Shellye’s career was working overseas. This allowed her to experience new cultures, new ways to communicate, and new strategies for reaching the top.


Shellye Archambeau

You have to get to know people, you just can't make assumptions about people assuming that they think the way that you do right. That they operate the way that you do. You have to actually take the time to get to know people and understand what makes them tick? What inspires them, right? What do they get excitement and passion about? What are they actually trying to do? Because every one of us is different. And if you've ever worked overseas, you've seen that in spades because cultures are completely different. We have different cultures in the US just by industry. You know, the tech culture is very different from hospitality culture, very different from CPG. I mean, they're just different cultures. But nothing as different as picking up and working in Japan as I did or in Europe and by the way, you can't even say Europe. Working in Italy, it's very different from working in London which is different from handling in the Swiss.

Now, are any of those bad places to work? No, they're just different. So, you just have to understand how do they communicate? How do they get things done effectively within the culture? And frankly, that's the way I've approached it being here in the US, is in male dominated cultures, it's a male dominated culture. So, how can I be effective in this culture? Now, should I have to do that? Should I have to figure out how to adapt myself and how to improve my communications and how to change things whatever, shouldn't they just be easy? The answer is it's not fair necessarily, right? Not fair that all the work is on my part when -- but at the same time, life isn't fair. There's never been a guarantee that life was fair. So, you deal with the cards you've got and you figure out how to make the best of the cards that you have. And then hope that in time that you get enough, if you will, power, influence, you get enough camaraderies if you will, that have similar music, except that you can actually affect change. And I know I have to come in and be successful. So, the best way to be successful is to help my team to become successful and if my team is successful, then I'll be successful. And at the same time, when I do that, I'm coming in to help them, I have their interests at heart. Remember that word caring. So as a result, you're able to build great relationships and support with the team. And therefore I found that when the team gels very well and everybody's aligned together and really wants to see each other succeed, the team does great things.