A Different Kind of Leadership

Transactional Leadership

Leadership style that employs rewards and punishments to motivate.

  • Production is the ultimate aim
  • Motivation via transaction
  • The individual matters most
  • Conformist thinking style
  • Homogeneous workforce
  • Hierarchical teams

Transformational Leadership

Leadership style that focuses on a shared vision and greater purpose.

  • Impact is the ultimate aim
  • Motivation via inspiration
  • The team matters most
  • Challenging thinking style
  • Diverse workforce
  • Empowered teams

Why Now?

Today’s world is facing significant challenges. We need Transformational Leaders to take on these challenges and make the world a better place for us all.

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Greater Influence

Individuals have more potential to influence the world than ever before—we need bold risk takers who be catalysts for transformation.

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Accelerating Change

Change is accelerating—we need principled leaders to help make sure the NEW world is a BETTER world—for ALL.

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Complex Problems

Problems are more complex and interconnected—we need leaders who can envision solutions to tough new challenges.


Threatened Principles

Moral principles and democracy are under threat—we need honorable leaders to champion and defend these ideals.

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Divided Societies

Societies have become fractured and deeply divided—we need leaders who can inspire and unify.

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