The Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue is dedicated to accelerating the innovation and adoption of trusted technology in order to ensure that technology advances freedom. As the preeminent global authority of a new category of Tech Diplomacy, the Institute integrates tech expertise, Silicon Valley strategies and foreign policy tools to build the Global Tech Trust Network of governments, companies and individuals united around a set of shared trust principles and a common mission to ensure that technology advances freedom.


As part of the Global Tech Trust Network, our Corporate Members enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

– Invitations to flagship and private events

– Exclusive access to the Institute’s network of global experts and research

– Participation in strategic initiatives and programs to accelerate the development and adoption of trusted technology

– Prominent acknowledgment on our website, showcasing your commitment to advancing freedom through trusted technology


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Why the Krach Institute?


– Tech Diplomacy Expertise: We are the preeminent global authority on Tech Diplomacy, combining expertise in technology, business, and policy to address critical challenges and opportunities.


– Global Tech Trust Network: We are dedicated to building a network of governments, companies, and individuals committed to advancing freedom and trust in technology.


– Innovative Leadership: Our research programs address key areas such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, digital privacy, and emerging technologies, offering practical recommendations to shape policy and business practices.