Marc Carlson serves on the Advisory Board of the Krach Center as well as several corporate and philanthropic boards.  As a Senior Advisor with the US State Department, he worked on issues relating to trusted technology and 5g deployment. As a businessperson he spent 35 years helping to build important technology companies focused on Robotics, Mechanical Design, Business Systems Automation, Digital Transformation Management, Multi-Asset Process Automation and Data Flow Automation.  Marc holds Mechanical Engineering and Business (BSME and MSM) degrees from Purdue University and lives with his wife Jacqueline in Southern California. 

The United States has been blessed with creating or leveraging most technological innovation over the years. Technology drives productivity which drives improved living standards and a better quality of life for all. Technology also drives national security. For these reasons it is important to lead the effort in awareness and action around the globe to ensure that technology is created and implemented in a way that supports the force of good. I believe the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy plays the critical role of working to help the adoption and execution of Trust Standards that create transparency, accountability, intellectual property protection, rule of law, support for sovereign nations and open markets. The work of the Institute is important and urgent.