TechDip Videos

The Purdue Equation: Purdue Commencement Address December 2021
Center for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue Board Chairman Keith Krach delivers the commencement address to the Purdue University Boilermakers Class of 2021, addressing transformation and the power of trust, how Purdue shaped his success, and encouraging the Class of 2021 to jump into water over their heads to affect transformational change.

Ambassador Distinguished Lecture Series at Purdue: Diplomacy, Technology, and Democracy
Featuring the Hon. Rajendra Abhyankar, CTDP Senior Fellow and Former Indian Ambassador to the European Union

The role of development finance and trusted connectivity in achieving the sustainable development goals
Moderated by Center for Tech Diplomacy Senior Fellow Kaush Arha

Diplomacy and the Semiconductors Supply Chain Event

Does Freedom Have a Future?
Purdue University President Mitch Daniels in conversation with Garry Kasparov, Soviet-born chess grandmaster and democracy champion.

How Are Semiconductors Manufactured?

CTDP Introduction
Center for Tech Diplomacy Founder Dr. Mung Chiang introduces the CTDP vision, mission, and initial activities.